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Developing senior executives in the USA, UK, Europe, Africa and the emerging markets.


We understand the issues of localization and development of African talent. In addition, we are familiar with the first hand challenges that many African executives experience in their day-to-day operations including power shortages, logistical issues and employee engagement.

We aim to develop their management skills and prepare them for senior positions in the West.


A key pillar of the strategy of US-based companies is the imperative to create a global mindset in their future leaders. We understand the challenges of undertaking an expatriate assignment in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and emerging markets.

Organizations are making a huge investment in moving executives overseas. We are there to underpin their development to ensure that they can hit the ground running from a management perspective.


Middle East executives are facing unique challenges in their local markets as well as increasing competition from Western firms. We are there to help the senior executive achieve high performance by melding the best of both worlds.


Most talent strategies involve the development of a global mindset in a company’s senior executives. We work with executives who will most likely be taking an overseas posting or who are managing global teams. In addition, we have an interest in working with ethnic minorities and women who are the future leaders of an organization.

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